Maintain a healthy body with yoga

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Maintain a healthy body with yoga

Having a morning yoga routine have many benefits.

People shows more interest in Maintain a healthy body with yoga. Though a group of people going modernized and changed all their food and living style. We believe having a morning yoga routine increased well-being.

Many people nowadays, having more concern on the healthiness of the body. They are searching for different ways to keep the fitness of the body.

Yoga and Benefits Beyond the Mat

Here an article by the Harvard Medical School Yoga – Benefits Beyond the Mat

Many people go to gym and doing workout with a professional’s guidance. They use different online sources to get to know about the diets and other nutrients which have to be followed in the fitness program.

Introduction to Yoga

Even though there are many things which can help people in maintaining their body, yoga is an important physical practice that has been followed from the ancient days. The yoga is initially started in India 3000 years ago and it becomes familiar all over the world.

Even though the yoga positions are like an exercise, it has more benefits than the benefits people gets in exercises.

The right way to practice yoga

Yoga is considered as a physical exercise which unites the mind and spirit of a person. Since people are more interested towards the yoga and its benefits, many experts have started yoga teaching classes and they publish the video tutorials to the people.

There are many online sites which are guiding people in the right way to practice yoga. Yoga has to be followed in the proper manner otherwise it may leads to serious issues in the health wise.

Yoga poses to start the day

The health of the mind, body and spirit can be maintained by practicing yoga in your daily routine and many people started to do yoga exercises. The practice of yoga in the morning will give better feel to the person and it also energizes the body for the day. The basic physical pose in the practicing the yoga is Asanas. An easy pose in the morning yoga routine which can be helpful in relaxing the back of the body is Cat-Cow pose. It is one of the best morning stretch people can practice to get a relaxed feel in the back.

If you are going to practice this pose in the morning, there are some procedures which you need to follow. To get into the pose, you have to bend down with your hands and knees.

When you are looking up to the ceiling, you have to leave your back to the floor when you inhale. When you are staring downwards, you have to stretch your back like a cat and then exhale. You can try this pose for two to three minutes to feel better. Similarly there are some other poses you can try in your morning yoga routine.

Downward dog

Standard yoga pose provides incredible balance for mind and body. To try this pose, you have to stand on your hands and your knees should be straight towards your hips. Press yourself back, lift your knees from the floor, and keep your arms straight then lift the tailbone. This pose will give a relaxation to the back and makes you to feel energized.


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