Improve your health using morning Yoga stretches

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Improve your health using morning Yoga stretches

Nowadays, even the youngsters are also suffering from various conditions and diseases due to the lack of proper health. Having more natural foods and following regular morning Yoga stretches. It will activates can will really help the people to Improve your health. However due to the modern life style, people are not able to find time for doing such things.

The Yoga stretches in the morning, which let them to practice on their convenient time and also refresh them. When comparing to other fitness exercises, yoga is the best one. The reason is the user no needs to pull or push any weight but simply need to stretch their body into different posture.

morning yoga practice

Following a morning yoga routine will really improve the health within few months.

People who wake in the morning can do the yoga more efficiently and it is the continent timing too.

However, people can do this at evening time. It is a very good habits to stay healthy. Their stomach should be half empty otherwise it may cause the sprain or any muscle pains. There are some useful stretches are listed here, so the readers are requested to do these poses for having various benefits. Before start doing the morning yoga streches, the user needs to inhale and exhale for two minutes and need to repeat this process for 10 times for warming up the body.

Spinal Stretch is the first posture,

where users need to sit straight and the legs should be crossed above the laps. Then slowly place their left hand on the right knee for one minute and the vice versa one minute. It should be repeated for 5-10 times in the routine. Cat Tilt is the next exercise, the user needs to bend like the cat tilt and needs to crown down their head towards the floor.

The spine should be straight and need to inhale & exhale for three times. In Lunge posture, the users need to step the right foot in front side and the left toes should be on opposite site straightly. They need to bend their neck slowly and need to stretch the both legs for 3-4 times.

Triangle yoga Stretch is very simple to do and powerful.

In this stretch the users need to stand in V shape and need to bend their body towards the left toes. After bending they should maintain the pose for 30 seconds and need to do the vice versa for the right toes. This stretch can be repeated up to 10-15 times.

By doing all these stretches in morning yoga routine will really help the users to get good shape for their body. Both men and women can follow these stretches however people who are taking medicines can consult with their doctor before starting the Yoga routine. Doing these stretches will help the users to reduce their blood pressure & stress.

It also reduces the unwanted fat storage from the muscles, so they can get good looking appearance in short period. The users no need to maintain any diet while following Yoga however they can reduce the high consumption for high calorie foods for effective result.

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