How morning yoga helps you having a healthy lifestyle

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Having a morning yoga routine is both a physical and mental discipline.

It is now consistently followed by many people throughout the globe.One can obtain a healthy lifestyle while doing yoga in the morning in a daily manner. The individuals can get immense healthy benefits in both mentally and physically through the yoga. The holistic principles of the yoga practice tend to bond the human mind with their body and the body with their soul.

Yoga routine can lead to a happy and holy life.

If the persons are well being, a yoga has been a main reason for it. The yoga and meditation practices will not take many hours to do. But sometimes many people don’t have time to do their yoga sequence in a daily manner.

Here is a 10 minute yoga sequence that should be practiced at the morning time. If you are doing this yoga in their day to day life, it will surely encourage the use of gentle movement and get mindful breathing. They are many benefits you get by doing yoga. It will definitely ensure your day begins with the joy and ease. Here are 5 different yoga poses for your morning yoga routine.

Child’s pose – From kneeling, you have to bring your chest down onto the thighs and forehead to a floor. Your arms lengthen by a side with your hands next to the feet. If you feel that it is too comfortable, stack your hands under your forehead. Take a very slow but full breath through a nose and observe the back of the chest expand and then come to the normal position when you exhale through the nose. You need to do it at least 5 to 8 times in the same posture.

Cow/Cat pose – You have to move into the tabletop position with your wrists directly under the shoulders. Keep your knees under the hip. Press your hands palm into the mat to ensure the shoulder blades are broad. In this position, inhale and exhale the air through your nose. Breathing in this position will give you a feel of getting a massage and totally relaxed. Take a breath around five times to feel better.

Downward dog pose – Take your palms a small wider than your original shoulder width, then put the toes and life the hips into the air. Your chest moves back toward your thighs with the arms straight and head relaxed. Just roll your shoulder away from the ears, stay the knees bent, and start to walk one heel down at the same time. Take about 5 to 10 deep breaths.

Standing forward bend pose – Walk the feet toward your hands and let hang the upper body. The head and neck are relaxed with this yoga practice. Take 10 breathes to feel better.

Triangle pose – From a usual standing position, widen your legs posture to about the leg length. Turn your right foot out to a side that ensuring the heel is aligned with the arc center of the left foot. Take your arms parallel to a ground and reach out to a right side and continue the same practice. Repeat 5 times deep breathe while doing this yoga routine.


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