Morning yoga routine- what are the amazing benefits you get by yoga?

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Morning yoga routine- what are the amazing benefits you get by yoga?

Teenagers of today are the laziest one! They didn’t realize that they start their day late and
they do not miss some morning hours but many more things. Some try waking up by
setting a rude alarm but fails to get up early. If you know your reason to wake up early in
the morning, then it may help. Waking up early in the morning to do some yoga will be best!
By carefully developing morning yoga routine you can gain many mental as well as
physical benefits. Hence, whether you are a kid, teenager or adult you must get yoga into
your morning yoga routine

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Here we have described the real benefits of morning yoga, have a look!

A better start of the day-
By performing short meditation your body, mind, and spirit will be able to absorb the first
light of the day. You can also learn some mantra that may echo your intent for life as well as
pronounce it. When this message sinks inside you, there will be generated resolution in
a heart. This resolution will let you achieve goals of your day and make you motivated.
An hour you spent on a mat in the early morning will make you active, and you will be all
ready to organize as well as prioritize your action before taking them on. Hence, to make
yourself concentrated and motivated you to need to perform yoga postures like the
mountain, and Tree Pose. Standing balances will be best for this as then you will be forced
to remain awake, and your brain will start working.

Boost oxygenation as well as the flow of energy-
Movement in the body by default comprises a great extent of oxygenation at the cellular
level! And with this, there comes the feeling of freshness, and you feel filled with high
confidence and spirit. You will be able to beat any challenges you come across a day
without having much stress. One of the most significant benefits you get by yoga is feeling
holistically healed by simple invigoration from within. By practicing yoga, you connect with
your inner self, and this will make you realize that answer to a question you were searching
is not outside but present somewhere inside you. Freshness and energy when will flow
inside your brain you will become aware of your bright side.

Decreasing stress-
Morning yoga routine allows one to choose the right path- chaos or calm. Stress has
become a common problem among people of today, and they are not able to make correct
choices for life. People who are stressed may experience sleeplessness, breath shortage,
weight gain or loss, hair fall, etc. If you wish to reduce stress then doing yoga in the
morning is the best method to do so.


Yoga will teach you to breathe in the correct way of nature- inhale & exhale
diaphragmatically by bellies relaxed as well as moving in consonance with breath while the
dome-like diaphragm curtain is shifting to allow air to pass entirely through the lungs.
This is the best method to lessen your stress. So, we can see a person experience relaxation
and can be sweet all day if he/she goes for morning yoga routine.

You will be able to eat well-
Spending a few minutes say 20-30 min in the morning doing yoga will boost your
metabolism as well as improve your digestion and by this extra calorie you have will cut
Down. Hence, you can eat a little more of what you desire. So, if you treat your body well
then you can eat well and digest well.

Make your skin glow more-
We know you want those curves along with losing weight. Yoga is a best two-fold approach
that will cut off weight and tone up your body. In this way, your beauty will enhance, and
your skin will get a fresh and shiny glow.
So, are you ready to make a morning yoga routine? Here, we will tell you some simple yoga
which you can do early in the morning and get all the benefits as told you above!

1. Savasana-
You have to lay down your body on the mat and face up, in a relaxed pose.

2. Supine Twist-
You have to press your knees in your chest then drop them to the right side and look to left
shoulder and open the arm in T-shape as well as feel stretch in the spine. After five breaths
you need to switch sides.

Roll on all the four: do four cat-cow following the breath as well as massage your spine.

3. Sun Salutation or Surya Namaskar-
You need to practice three slow Surya Namaskar. Easily seeing the video, you can perform
Surya Namaskar.
So are you going to wake up in the morning? We know getting up from the bed is not an
easy task, but you will get into the habit of waking up early once you start doing yoga. It will
take a little effort to wake up, but the benefits you get will be long-lasting. Once, you get it

Into your habit then you can feel different on the day if you skip it. You will feel motivated
and confident in yourself.

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Start by doing some easy yoga and then you can go for complex ones. Don’t force your body
to perform tough yoga asanas but moving step by step you will achieve the goals. To learn
yoga asanas properly make sure you see some videos and learn some mantras which will
make you feel confident and healthy. If in the early age you get morning yoga routine then
in later life you can also teach the same thing to your kids and family, and they will also
learn real way of living life. They won’t be lazy and will surely learn to be positive, free
from stress and active this will have a good impact on their mind, career or academic
performs, and they can set targets of their life and take proper decision.


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